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Don't miss these key seminars:
Day One - 1 August 2017


Blockchain 101

Mark Toohey, Founder & Director, TBSx3


Biometric FRT Image Capture Standards – Database Enrolment Image matching requirements

Demystify ICAO Biometrics Facial Recognition Image Capture, Standards and Systems. The importance of correct image capture to ensure enrolled database images match with live scans at Boarder Control via Smart Gate Systems. Looking at technology development that will assist and simplify to ensure smooth work flow needs, whilst providing vital accurate live matching.

John Rule, Managing Director, Brands Australia


Optimising Real-world Government Service Delivery and Policy through state-of-the-art Data Analytics

Government organisations are not short of data. In fact, the more governments become digitized, the more data will be collected. Their challenge is to bring together these increasing volumes of data from disparate sources, whether internal, across other government agencies or across geographies, in a secure and governed manner to allow new insight across all levels of policy / service delivery. This is not just about making pretty pictures of the magnitudes of data at their disposal. It is about providing the platform that allows the domain experts to "drive" their data exploration journey to facilitate improved decision-making, enhance service delivery to citizens and ensure public resources are used optimally. With over 2,500 public sector clients globally, hear how Qlik has helped them with these same challenges.

Charlie Farah, Director, Market Development - Healthcare & Public Sector APAC,  QLIK

Rod Stewart,
Presales Team Lead - Public Sector, QLIK


Efficiency & user experience – a Case Study on how Austrade digitally transformed Australia’s largest even outbound trade mission.

In 2016 Austrade had their largest ever outbound trade mission to deliver – Australia Week in China. User feedback indicated a transformation was required to optimise stakeholder experiences and create efficiencies. Hear how Austrade used an agile approach to source and implement Event Management Software and the impact this had on the success of the trade mission and its deliverables.

Nils van Boxsel, CIO, Austrade

Alan Ivory,
VP Professional Services, eTouches Global


Driving Digital Transformation withing Government

During this 15-minute session, we will be showcasing a case study of work that we completed for a large Commonwealth Department. By implementing K2, The Department provided greater productivity and efficiencies through the automation of high-frequency work steps, actions, procedures and processes.

Igor Jericevich, Business Process Specialist, K2


Cybercrime - a world of opportunity

Gorden Maddern, CTO, Pure Hacking


The Cycle of Sound - Optimise every workspace through the power of Sound

Sound levels play a hugely important role in the success of all organisations. Stephen talks about leveraging the latest in communication technology to make the Cycle of Sound work in your favour, at both individual and environmental levels. Organisations using this program quickly recognise improvements to workplace safety, more productive and engaged team members, and increased levels of customer satisfaction.

Stephen Cullen, Director, Enterprise and Government, Polaris Communications


The aerial advantage: How drone technology is changing the way we work

Drones are providing innovative new methods of completing complex, time consuming and dangerous tasks across a wide range of industries. Learn how this revolutionary new technology creates time efficiencies, reduces costs and mitigates risks compared to traditional methods.

Derek Feebrey, CEO, Hoverscape

Fiona Church,
Director, Hoverscape


Data Protection in the Cloud

As government agencies are slowly adopting and developing plans to adopt cloud services, data protection is often overlooked. This discussion brings together two industry leaders to discuss data protection strategies, applications, and security in cloud infrastructure.



Trust at the Forefront of Physical & Digital Identities

While preventing cybercrime is a universal goal, there are significant differences in authentication requirements between organizations. Today, the industry offers methodologies and best practices which validate an individual’s identity prior to accessing sensitive physical premises and logical networks via a robust authentication platform and this talk addresses such technology enablers.

Henry Leung, Marketing Manager, Government Solutions APAC, Entrust Datacard


How to Implement Business and Digital Transformation with Certainty

Business and Digital transformation often brings to mind: risk and uncertainty, likelihood of unrest and rejection as well as time and cost overruns. Learn how a Federal and a State Government Agency have implemented such projects successfully, within tight budgets and timelines.

Mr. Steve Bungay, Director and CEO, Envision IT


Managing Web Content Quality and Accessibility

An overview of the challenges government have in managing content quality, consistency and accessibility across their entire website and how Monsido is used by the federal, state and local government to address that.

Mr. Daniel Vieites, Marketing Manager, Monsido


Smile & Sign – Biometrics in Business.

Harnessing the power of biometrics and e-signatures, Smile & Sign empowers financial institutions to deliver a secure yet convenient experience to upsell products such personal loans, credit cards and other retail financing to existing customers directly from their mobile app. Organizations can integrate these capabilities into their app using VASCO’s DIGIPASS for Apps development toolkit, which now includes eSignLive’s Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. The joint solution leverages e-signatures to capture legal intent for document-based transactions, and something as simple as a “selfie” to validate the customer’s identity before the signing process is complete.

Mitchell Catling, Sales Engineer, eSign Live

Joeri Vleugels,
SeniorTechnical Account Manager, Vasco Data Security


Communication and Collaboration in the Digital World

With the rise of digital transformation, how can government organisations deliver better efficiency and engagement for both employees and customers? David will discuss how the right technologies enable communication and collaboration to increase organisational productivity and deliver best-practise customer experience.

Mr. David Piggott, Managing Director ANZ, Jabra

5:00 - Networking Drinks



Day Two - 2 August 2017


The Four S's of enterprise software

Next generation enterprise software must meet new expectations, a user scenario demonstration on how Enquire delivers the 4 S’s – simple, stable, secure and social

Damien Zeller, CEO, Tactiv


IT governance in a hybrid world

On-premise, cloud and MSP service models offer government agencies varying levels of control over their assets and services, which presents visibility challenges. So how do you effectively manage services you don’t own, and how do you create a common governance layer across any combination of these service models?

Join us for a discuss of how government agencies must evolve their governance models, integration processes and management systems to effectively manage IT services in this hybrid landscape.

Anthony Chia, Head of Architecture and Consulting, Epicon


Cybercrime - a world of opportunity

Gorden Maddern, CTO, Pure Hacking


Machine Learning - Go Beyond the Obvious In Your Data 

This machine learning demo will show real examples of how machine learning techniques can be applied to real-time behavioural data, a must for anyone where IT Operations and Security Analytics is top of mind.

Mark Walkom, Solution Architect, Elastic


Facilitating the Workplace of the Future

How Polycom is helping increase productivity and achieve cost savings for Government, by enabling better collaboration through the use Polycom video and audio collaboration solutions, and integration into existing platforms like Microsoft Skype for Business.

Mr Roberto Cordova, Major Accounts Manager - Federal Government, Polycom


The Rise Of The Connected Employee

The rise of the connected employee is being driven by constant revolutions in technology, such as video, cloud, mobile, social, and data science. Connected employees are expecting their workplace to be as seamless and connected as their mobile apps.

George Mikhael, Enterprise and Government Manager, Blue Jeans


Know Everything: Develop New Perspectives on Behaviour

Today, a “digital effectiveness” crisis is holding organisations back.

Discover how the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform will help you know everything about your digital presence. Measure what matters to your organisation by keeping a real-time pulse on data and connecting strategy to finite goals. Most importantly, continually understand visitor behaviour, to confidently provide a superior experience.

Dave Bearth, Senior Customer Success Manager, SiteImprove


From SAP to SIEM, GA Systems securing your enterprise A-SAP! Boosting external defences, internal surveillance & rightful access.

Time is scarce, with the scale & complexity of extracting SAP data to your SIEM, how do you understand how it interacts with your Security & Networking infrastructure. From the multitude of attack vectors to unauthorized transactions, GA Systems will present real customer examples showing you how to incorporate a centralized view of your SAP landscape with automated manage & monitor capabilities for rapid response to SAP security breaches.

Daniel Housden, SOC Delivery Manager, GA Systems (Global Asset Systems)


Offensive cyber security training for IT professionals

To meet the growing demand for cyber security awareness and technical skills training, CIT worked closely with industry to develop an offensive cyber security program and a short cyber awareness program. CIT offers a range of technical and further education programs, traineeships and collaboration with local industry to address ICT skills shortage. 

Ravi Chopra, Senior Lecturer in Networking and Cyber Security, Canberra Institute of Technology


The Use of Blockchain in Government

Mark Toohey, Founder & Director, TBSx3